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READ what Peggy Lawless thinks of us!

“I am writing to you today because of something I believe in.   Like you we have felt the challenges of running our shop.  As things go on as they do, the shops that DO things today will ensure that they will be here tomorrow.  It’s the shops that have figured out how to remain running when others are caving in, that set us out as the leaders.

Some time ago, we were running our shop, but I knew that we could really be running our shop.  I knew that there was something out there that could help me grow my business, something that was not complicated, had a relatively short runway, and was affordable.  To my joy we have found and are using  Management Feedback Systems, Inc.  It is the easy to use automotive shop management software.  Its business management software that tells me where the holes in my business are, and helps me plug them up.  In fact, the very first year we implemented it, our sales doubled!  The key thing here is that it showed me profitability “on the fly.”  This allowed us to “see” some things that we had not seen before and thus, our sales were doubled.

Let me tell you about some of the many features that helped us achieve our success.  First, prior to computerizing, organization was a challenge.  Scheduling was being done on a white marker board and at that time we had two trucks.  Now we have six trucks and it would be very hard to do by hand .  The  Calendar (part of the Appointment Module) really helps us with the men’s work for the day.  The service writer is able to update on the fly during the day, and it acts like a communication link between the office staff.  We are actually scheduling 3-6 months into the future so we can call all of those customers ahead of time to confirm and therefore we are never out of work.  Another thing it enables us to do is to schedule work according to availability of parts.  Secondly,  it has helped increase our efficiency, increase profitability, improve our scheduling abilities and increased our communication throughout our whole company.  It has also aided us in better serving our customers.  Another thing, checking profit on each invoice as you go is priceless.  Something else that has helped is the reports. The menu is very complete. We print statements, track collections, sales (business production), profitability, employee production, and sales tax.  And lastly, the thing I love the most about it is that I have learned it! AND it was VERY easy. MFS’ technical support is priceless.  I love being able to call unlimited times, anytime, to have a problem solved or learn something new.  I automatically get updates to the program and I have seen improvements every time.  One of the things I like is that the company’s name is “Management Feedback Systems”, because I have actually put in my requests and seen them come to fruition.

 I do not think that  is a luxury, it is a necessity!  It pays for itself almost immediately, because you are tracking your profitability in real time.  Something that has made an impression on me is that Management Feedback Systems is interested in our success.  They strive to continually improve their program and in the process they show a genuine interest in our success as shop owners.  They are constantly asking for feedback on what changes can be done to the software to make our jobs easier.  Then they make those changes and send us an update.  You can’t beat that kind of service!

 This is from one shop owner to another.

Best regards,

Peggy Lawless

Professional Fleet Services, LLC

READ what MIKE UNTERHALTER thinks of us!

Dear Fellow Shop Owner,

“Hello. My name is Mike Unterhalter and I own Atlas Auto in Houston. I am writing to you simply because I care about our industry and how we are seen by customers. Back in 1992 (yes, that long ago), I purchased a shop software package to help run my shop, from Management Feedback Systems Inc. They had already been in business with their product since 1983. I am still using this great system today, which is named EasyRO! And it is my BEST employee!

I have been so impressed with the performance and ease of this software. We are able to introduce our new service writers to this system easily because it is so simple to use, and was designed by mechanics for our industry. They clearly understood what problems a shop faces and designed the software to be easily run by those who didn’t know much about computers, such as myself. On the rare occasions we have had to use their support team, we found the knowledge of their personnel to be absolutely fantastic, which is so rare these days!

The way in which we are able to present our final invoice to our customers has produced great results. They are able to follow what procedures were done and what parts were used. They even often comment on how clearly everything is noted on their work order.

Another thing I have enjoyed are the frequent updates and the way they listen to what their customers want the software to do. And their newsletters are awesome!

If you aren’t computerized yet, or have a system you aren’t completely happy with, I urge you to check them out. I have been completely satisfied with them since day one and it’s comforting to know I can talk to a live person when I call them. Their support staff will even help me with questions or problems not related to their product!

Like I said before, I’ve been so impressed with this company. And, since they have been in business for 30 years now, I know I can rely on them to be still be here when so many others have come and gone.”

Mike Underhalter

Atlas Auto, Houston, Tx