Company Staff

Barbara Lee – Owner/CEO

Barbara Lee, along with her late husband Mike Lee, helped pioneer the way into the computerization of the automotive industry back in the early 1980s.

Mike and Barbara designed a software system that was for the BENEFIT of a shop and all that goes into running one successfully. The focus was not only on features, but the ease of use, limit entry typing, necessary reports to decrease paperwork, and the tracking of vital Information to help advance the shop.

From the early days of the original DOS program, to the world of Windows platform which became SuperFRED and the latest and enhanced product, EasyRO, the focus remains the same: an easy and efficient shop management software program that is a full-featured system which gives you all the tools to manage ALL your shop needs!

Lee O’Hara – VP of Sales

Lee O’Hara is our most successful EasyRO salesman to date!
Lee often states to potential buyers, “…if I can learn EasyRO and operate proficiently through the system, then ANYONE can do it!”.  Lee welcomes all customers whether they are new to computers and shop management software or super experienced shop owners.
Lee can help you with all the system features you need now and in the future.
Contact Lee @ or call 818-546-5800 or 888-637-3733

Eddie Ascencio – Technical Support Manager

Eddie Ascencio is the best at supporting our products and our shop owners with stellar customer service. All technical support includes not only our products but also troubleshooting computers, printers and networking issues to keep your shop working effienciently each and everyday.
Contact Eddie @ or call 818-546-5800 option 1

Sara Lee – Director of Client Services

Sara Lee works directly with our current customers to promote our products by interacting with shop owners to help facilitate their current needs and wants within our company, company products, and software integration partners.
Contact Sara @ or call 818-546-5806 option 3