Simply the easiest to use shop management software on the market today. EasyRO is a full featured system which will give you the tools to manage all your shop’s needs.

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Scroll to the END of the EasyRO list of features for the TOP TEN REASONS why you will WAIT TO PURCHASE!


  • Generate an R.O. quickly and easily
  • Built-in recommended services as well as pre-programmed jobs and vehicle problem statements
  • Track employee production and costs
  • History recall
  • Customizable screen options plus many more customizable areas of the system which allow YOU to be in control
  • Password protection
  • System-wide spell checking
  • Easy built-in customer follow up options
  • Parts and Labor guide options with VIN decoding
  • Cashbox and Accounts Receivable options
  • Inventory management and Purchase Order options
  • Multi-system capability
  • Built-in reports with some customization available
  • Log in and work from home options
  • QUICKBOOKS PRO™ financial integration
  • PARTSTECH Integrated online parts ordering directly from EasyRO
  • CARFAX™ QUICKVIN™ INTEGRATION – enter ONLY your customer’s license plate to pull up the VIN all the vehicle info directly onto the RO!
  • E-Auto Club  identifies all maintenance needs “continuously” and notifies the service advisor, technician and vehicle owner “automatically”
  • Demandforce™ Integration – take CONTROL of Customer Retention!
  • Work from home!
  • And much much more!


  1. You are a PROFESSIONAL procrastinator!  You love to spend time “waiting” and mulling and wavering because basically you are afraid you might make a wrong decision, hence NO decision. RESULT?  Loss of extra income, loss of time, loss of repeat customer business, etc.
  2. “This is our slow season”   – call back after the Holidays”.  “Yes, I would rather pay UNCLE SAM my year end money instead of acquiring a tool that will save me time, make me more $$, and organize my shop AND give me a tax credit!” AND even though NOW would be the perfect time to get it installed, set up and trained up, well. . . Maybe you are making so much $$ you don’t NEED a tax break? RESULT? Loss of increase of customers, jobs, $$, saved time, headaches.
  3. I’m AFRAID my business will slow down.  This will ALWAYS be the case, so you will NEVER ever decide to do it! RESULT? No computerization, organization, time saved, $$ saved, increased customer traffic lost.
  4. I’m AFRAID to COMMIT.  What if something happens and I get cash short? Well gosh, how do you ever purchase shop equipment then? Computerization is just as much a part of shop operation than any other equipment.  It ALL makes you more profitable!  RESULT? Lost income, time, and . . .
  5. I need to WAIT until I can afford it!  Well, that’s just like having a kid – waiting until you can afford one = decreased population. The system PAYS FOR ITSELF and QUICKLY, then the rest is YOURS, month in and month out, year in and year out. Question?  Could you afford to open your shop in the first place? (probably not) RESULT? Never get computerized, never save time, $$, and better organization lost.
  6. I just lost a tech and am BUSY. Well sure, but there will ALWAYS be some kind of something happening in a shop that EATS UP your time and attention. ALWAYS! At least if you have the system in place, you will gain a LOT of extra time to deal with all of those events, AND more money to throw at problems. RESULT? Loss, loss, loss.
  7. It COSTS too much.  Hmmmm, when you take into consideration the SAVINGS, TIME and organizational headaches, it will cost you MORE to NOT do it!  We can easily show you how much you are losing RIGHT NOW! RESULT? MORE lost $$, time, etc.
  8. I need to check out your competition.  By all means!  We’ll even HELP you! RESULT? You will see how much EASIER our system is, all it can do, and how it is most cost wise to go with EasyRO!
  9. The dog passed away this week.  Ok, you got us on that one, but don’t punish your SHOP for Fido! RESULT? Tax break given up, increased revenue given up, more customers given up, more time spent unnecessarily.
  10. Maybe Santa Claus will bring me EasyRO down the chimney! Really?