Q: How do I stop a customer from receiving any follow up letters?

A: Go into the Customer General tab and click the option “Do not send follow up letter”.

Q: How do I find my Employee List?

A: Double click on any Estimate or RO from the RO list and then go into the Labor tab. Click on the Employee List button.

Q: How do I stop EasyRO from asking for a mileage out every time I Close Out an RO?

A: From the Main Menu click on Setup > Options > Repair Order > Print Form. In the Print Options un-check, “Mileage Out require Tech to final print”. Click the Main Menu button at the top left and save your changes.

Q: How do I make a new login for the program?

A: From the Main Menu click on Setup and then the User button at the top left. In the new window, you will click the New button and create a new login for the program.

Q: How do I change the tax rate in the program?

A: From the Main Menu click on the Setup > Rates > Tax tab. You can now update the tax rate. Once you are done, click the Main Menu button and save your changes.

Q: How do I add a logo, and what images can I use for this?

A: To load a logo click on the Setup button from the Main Menu. Click on the Options button and then the Logo button. From this window click on the Load Logo button at the top and find the logo you would like to use. The only pictures supported for logos are Bitmap, better known as “.BMP”.

Q: If I load a logo, where will it print out?

A: After loading a logo into the program it will print out on all Estimates, ROs, AR Statements, and Follow Ups.

Q: How do I remove a Pre-Payment?

A: To remove a bad pre-payment, click on the Pre-Payment button again from within the Totals tab, and add a negative pre-payment for the same amount and type.

Q: How do I email an RO to a customer?

A: You will need to be in the Service Writer area and selected an Est/RO. Next, you will click the Preview & Print button above. In the Preview & Print window you will need to click on the Send Email button. I new email should be on screen with the attached estimate or RO. Click the Send button to send the email.

Q: How do I make a backup of my software?

A: From the Main Menu, click on the Backup button. A new window will open and you then click on the Backup Now button at the bottom to back up your EasyRO data.

Q: How do I restore my previous backup?

A: From the Main Menu click on the Backup button and a new window will open. Click on the Restore tab and your last backup will be highlighted at the bottom of the list. Click the Restore Now button to restore all the files from that backup.

Q: How do I know what version of the program am I using?

A: From the Main Menu click on the About button at the top right hand side. The About window will open up and show you what version you are using.

Q: How do I know if I am in Demo mode?

A: At the top left hand side of the program, in white letters, you will see “Demo Version” as part of the program name.


Q: How do I change the colors for the program?

A: Click on Styles on the top left hand corner and select the skin you would like to use. After you click on a new skin the program will change.

Q: How can I group data in my RO List?

A: To group data simply pick a column you would like to group by, for example, Type. Drag the Type column to the grouping bar above and let go. The window will now be grouped by the two different types, Est and RO.

Q: How do I undo a grouping I have done?

A: Drag the column title from the grouping bar back down to the column list and release it. Your grouping should be undone.

Q: How do I filter data in the Inventory section?

A: Click on the column title you want to filter by and you will get a drop down menu. Next click on the name you want to filter by, like a Group name. Only data using that group name you selected will be displayed on the screen.

Q: How do I remove filters to see my complete Inventory?

A: Click on the column title you previously filtered by, like Group, and then click on the (All) option in the drop down. You will see the complete list of parts.

Q: Why doesn’t my CarQuest link find any Parts or Labor for the car I am working on?

A: Check that the VIN in the vehicle General tab is valid. The CarQuest link will not work without a valid VIN.


Q: What do I do if I forget all the passwords to the program?

A: Call Tech Support to reset all your passwords.

Q: I am getting a DBISam error, even after restarting the program several times. What should I do?

A: Call Tech Support to have them run the utility on all your files.

Q: I just got a new parts list from my parts supplier, how do I put this into the program?

A: Call Tech Support to do an Inventory Import.

IMPORTANT! EasyRO Maintenance + Support Fees

We have had a very small percentage of customers who state “I don’t need support”, please take me off.  There are things you need to be aware of before “taking” yourself off maintenance and support.  This program is like insurance – you may not need it today and hate having to write that check, but when you do, boy are you glad you have it!  We have a very reasonable maintenance & support program that is REQUIRED should you need ANY assistance whatsoever.  Keeping a support staff in place and trained up to date and available is costly.  We have kept the program fees low and affordable.  These fees are what enable us to keep our top-notch staff available to you and $$ for programming for fixes, updates, enhancements, etc.. When lightning strikes or a computer crashes, or glitches happen, or whatever your needs may be, we are here for you! Your EasyRO system, customer info, and vehicle information are VERY valuable! So those that think this is “optional” because they don’t think they need any further training or help with the program, are missing the above key points. If you want to stay current on fixes, enhancements, upgrades, new modules, new integrations, or need help with any computer or your program in any way, then you must stay current on your maintenance and support.  Simple.