Company Staff

barbaraBarbara Lee – Owner

Barbara Lee, along with her late husband Mike Lee pioneered the way into the computerization of the automotive industry. Barbara was doing ALL the administrative office work for a 4 shop location transmission repair facility. In a nutshell, she was the originator that planted the “we need a computer” seed in 1981! The seed sprouted, programmers were hired and between the owner, Mike, and Barbara, a system was designed that was for the BENEFIT of a shop and all that goes into running one successfully. The focus was not only on features, but of course ease of use, limited entry typing, necessary reports to decrease paperwork, and the tracking of vital information to help advance the shops. During the early years Barb worked alongside Mike running MFS and doing most all functions in the company at one time or another, with the exception of the actual programming itself. She was the one staging the hardware, installing the systems, setting up networks, running tech support, troubleshooting faulty equipment, converting customers to each new release, and a host of other things. In 1994 Barb took over the complete running of MFS, leaving Mike to continue the spearheading of a newly formed company, Management Success!, which was now well underway. After successfully building and managing MFS, she finally “semi” retired in 2005 and turned over most of the day to day running of the company to another. With some freedom at last, she dived headlong into the pursuit of a part time career in billiards (9 ball tournament formats) and partake in her other many interests. She has made it to several Pro tournament venues thus far, and continues in her pool adventures up to the present day. After 32 years of marriage, husband and legendary industry icon Mike Lee passed away on Aug 4th, 2010 from a brief illness and complications post surgery. Obviously devastated, but with dedication and responsibility, she made the decision to jump back into MFS, and of course continue to help out her partners on the Management Success! lines to help carry out Mike’s goals of helping the automotive industry. Once well back into MFS since the beginning of 2011, she quickly laid out a new and improved battle plan to take the company to a higher level. The first goal was to completely revamp the existing software line and start adding the many new features now available on the programming fronts. The leap from SuperFRED, the former well known industry leader in shop automation software was to evolve now into EasyRO. Not only adding onto and improving internal applications for the running of MFS, third party integration alliances have been since formed. She has one daughter, a terrific son in law and three awesome Grandsons!

leeLee O’Hara – VP Sales

Lee actually hired himself into the company! Desiring to help in the sales area, his mantra has been “you didn’t hire me so you can’t fire me!” Ha! Of course we would NEVER fire you Lee! He quickly got familiar with our system and company and has been training new sales staff ever since. Lee is a guru in MANY areas! A long time butcher, he wrote the “bible” on beef entitled “Beef Secrets Straight from the Butcher” and gave Barb the opportunity to really get acquainted with Photoshop since she edited most all the pictures in the book! Additionally he is a master organic gardener and authored two best selling DVD’s, “The Organic Tomato”, and “Organic Gardening Made Easy”. All of these can be found at the following links: and Lee brings an exuberance and humor to the office that ALL companies should have!




Peggy pic for website revised     Peggy Norton – Training Services
What can we say about this wonderful Texan? WOW! Peggy and her later husband Jack owned and operated an auto repair shop for years and ran it with our software. They were one of our earliest clients. Fortunately for us, eventually after Jack’s passing, Peggy was looking for other things to get into, so we scooped her up! Already familiar with ALL our system versions from the beginning, coupled with her terrific Southern style and hospitality, she was the logical candidate to become our ACE trainer! She has many years of using our system in a shop environment, so is completely familiar with how users need to not only set up their system from the start (which she does), but utilize all the many features available to get the most out of the system for their shops. Our customers just rave about her as well they should!
coming-soonEddie Ascencio – Technical Support Manager



 Sara for easyworks staffSara Lee – Accounts Manager

Sara has returned!  Years ago, she worked in Tech Support services and was well loved by all she serviced!  She has returned to the fold now handling and managing our client accounts.  We are SOOOO happy to have her back!  She is a valuable asset to our growing family!