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ALERT – Errors with tax calculations etc.:

Users who have had issues with “tax” calculations and other items “not saving” when changes are made:  When pop up windows are open and you change something in the box, like tax type, etc. you must then CLICK ON THE “CLOSE” button so the system will SAVE your changes.  Clicking on the “x” to close the pop up window can randomly cause problems.  We will be fixing this in all pop up windows SOON, but clicking on the CLOSE button will eliminate errors.  There is an update coming soon that will handle this problem.


RE: Carfax Quickvin™

It has come to our attention that some of you are NOT taking advantage of the ability to just type in your customer’s license number on the RO, and then having Carfax fetch the VIN number and populate the car info.  

We hear things like “we don’t want to send our customer info anywhere”, etc.  OR, you are using it, but NOT transferring your info on a regular basis!  


First, you are NOT sending your “CUSTOMER” info anywhere.  You are ONLY sending info regarding the repairs done associated with the VIN number.  You are NOT required to inform your customers since you are not disclosing any of their personal information.

Second, unfortunately “for now” there isn’t an “automatic” sending of the daily car repair info to Carfax.  You actually have to PRESS a button to initiate the transfer.  This REALLY should be done daily.  It is part of why your Quickvin™ is FREE to use.  It is FREE because you agreed to send the repair info the Carfax.  So please please don’t forget to “send” the info on a regular basis.  SENDING this information actually will HELP keep cars coming back to YOUR shop!  It is in your BEST INTEREST to send the repair info.


IT’S HERE!  Real Time Clock Tech Hours!  Yep! It’s DONE, it’s available, and it ROCKS!  ONLY available for EasyRO users.  Call 818-546-5806 to get it NOW!

INFO: CARFAX QUICKVIN If a license plate has special characters like the handicap symbol, a heart, the hand, or the start, you do not need to type it in to decode the vehicle.  These special characters are ignored. 

NOTICE!: For those of you still on the DOS version: If you are thinking about upgrading to a new computer with Windows Vista or newer, there are some prerequisites that are required in order for your MFS system to continue working.  Please contact Support BEFORE you purchase!!!


If you haven’t provided us with a valid email, please do so TODAY.  We will be coming out with news via email regarding your systems, integration news, updates and MORE!


Visit our REQUEST FOR PROGRAM CHANGE FORM located under the SUPPORT tab.  Simply fill out the form and submit!


Available now!  Simply enter in your customer’s license plate number and state, and the CARFAX QuickVIN™ utility will go find the VIN for you and all the vehicle info will go directly onto your customer’s RO! This is FREE!  NOTE: You must be CURRENT on your maintenance & support in order to be eligible for updates/fixes/upgrades etc.  Call 818-546-5806 to get current and qualify.