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EasyRO Partners with PartsTech!!

PartsTech is an auto parts search engine and ordering system designed to help you find the right parts for the job in a single search! Order your parts online from your favorite parts partners through the PartsTech web platform button located inside EasyRO and have all the information drop down into your repair order.The PartsTech ordering system requires NO MONTHLY FEE! Check out our newest partner at

EasyRO Partners with E-Auto Club Service Intelligence!!

EasyRO is now compatible with new technology Service Intelligence (SI). The Service Intelligence tool “identifies all maintenance and notifies the Service advisor, technician, and vehicle owners automatically via desktop, tablet, mobile texting, emails, and postcards.” It also has CRM tool that tracks the life-cycle of every part, and fluid and populates from a POS service history! Check them out at and take a self-guided demo!

For more information on these newest EasyRO partners and how you can integrate them into your shop management software contact Tech Support team member Eddie at 818-546-5800 or  Also be sure to visit for more exciting news!


Tech Support team members here at Management Feedback Systems, Inc., have some important thoughts and information to share with all of our shops currently using
Tech Support can help you with many tech issues in your shop including backing up your data, adding free anti-virus software, anti-ransom software, printers and other software you wish to integrate to run your shop more safely and efficiently!***818-546-5800 or

Back Up Your Shop Management Software Everyday

Computer crashes, power outages, natural disasters, viruses, ransomware, and theft can leave your shop without your most important data! Can you operate without your customers’ information and history? Will you lose money if you can’t find out who still owes you money? Backing up your systems every day will ensure your data is always safe and available to re-install should you experience any of the above situations.
If you need any help backing up your data and/or adding anti-virus software,
please do not hesitate to call 818-546-5800 or email

Viruses, Malware and Ransomware

As you probably already know, viruses, malware, and ransomware are constantly trying to infect all of our computers and company servers.

In order for your shop management system to run correctly, it must be protected from viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Top 4 Ways Your Shop Management Software Becomes Infected

  • A pop-up window shows up on your computer screen saying they are from Microsoft and you need to call the number on your screen.  This is a SCAM! Microsoft will NEVER send a pop-up screen window to you. Once you give them your information they will lock you out and demand ransom.  They almost NEVER unlock your data after you pay.

  • You don’t have any anti-virus software loaded onto your computer(s)

  • You only have anti-virus software on the main computer

  • You have employees that may be surfing the net and visiting sites that load viruses onto your computer and/or have not been trained to not click on ANY zip files unless you are expecting the file and know who it is from.

There are many anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-ransom ware software products available for purchase. There are also anti-virus software products available that are FREE.  Remember to scan all computers daily either 1st thing in the morning or at the end of each day!

Please note that once you install anti-virus software on your computers, you will need to update the settings to allow your shop management software to run!


Most of us will keep using our current computer and accompanying systems until they die or no one will continue to support or repair the systems. 

Once you decide it’s time to upgrade your shops computers, printers, etc., please contact TECH SUPPORT for a FREE consultation to avoid any unnecessary purchase or incompatible software with your MFS shop management software system. 


Every time your computer(s) receive an automatic update from Windows it can disrupt your shop management software from being shared in your shop. If you are experiencing this issue after automatic updates, please call us so that we can help you reset things.


Contact Tech Support and upgrade to EasyRO today to enjoy many additional features-

New Style, Spell Check, Incremental Searching, Column Grouping Bars, Drop Down Filtering, Custom Filter, Part Profit, CarFax Quickvin and myCARFAX Service Shops,

PartsTech Online parts ordering- drops parts into EasyRO repair order!

Call 818-546-5800 or email NOW to download your EasyRO demo! Visit for even more exciting news!!!!