Because you ASKED!

This is where to find what we have fixed or added to our latest version “because you asked”!


Real Time Clock Hours

Adding new Inventory

Before, if the you added a new part into inventory, and didn’t add a Qty and used the part, EasyRO would set the QTY to -1.  Now, in that same scenario, after using the part, the QTY is set to zero.

IT’S HERE!  Real Time Tech Hours! Yep! It’s DONE, it’s available, and it ROCKS!  ONLY available for EasyRO users.  Call 818-546-5800 (Support) to get it NOW!

RO History window: In an effort to handle some speed issues, the look/feel of the RO History window was changed.  Many of you sited that you didn’t like the new look and feel.  SO WE FIXED IT!    This fix is only available for EasyRO users.  

Print job loops when doing a double sided print:  Some printers have the ability to print a job as a double sided print job.  Customers reported that the printer would get stuck in a print loop and finish all the paper in one shot.  A double sided print job was not the only thing that caused the printer to go into the print loop.  We also have reports of customers changing to grey scale, changing to tray two, or adding a watermark – also causIng the print loop issue. So far the update has had a good response.  Again, this fix is only available for EasyRO  users. 

Inventory Pricing tab:  When you look at the pricing tab in an inventory part, where the cursor STARTED was a problem for many folks who were accidentally deleting info.  This has been changed so the cursor no longer starts in a position that would enable anyone to accidentally delete the info in that field.

Memory usage problems: Multiple shops reported this issue.  The problem was in the VIN decoders.  When a shop would decode dozens and dozens of VINs throughout the day, eventually EasyRO would use up all the system memory.  After much testing, we were  able to resolve this issue – BECAUSE YOU ASKED!